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Welcome Department & Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming University
The Institute of Pharmacology deems highly of teamwork between faculty members and students. We believe that the basis of a successful life lies in good interpersonal relationships, a positive attitude, adequate communication skills, endurance in the face of distress, a sense of responsibility in teamwork, a mature character, and a cooperative spirit with peers. In addition to an outstanding learning environment and research facilities, intramural activities are held to create opportunities for faculty members and students to interact and discuss with each other. Furthermore, students are encouraged to actively participate extramural activities, including domestic and international conferences and training, so as to broaden their horizon and cultivate a global vision.
The Institute invites both faculty and students to participate regular gatherings such as welcome parties and annual Spring Fest. Other communication channels with students include regular workshops and course evaluations, which serve as a basis for improvement in course planning. To help students acquainted with research life, renowned scholars and entrepreneurs worldwide are invited to share their life experiences through talks, workshops, and seminars. Students are also encouraged to participate in sports activities held by Office of Student Affairs and career development workshops by the Counseling Center, respectively.
By providing abundant learning resources, our goal is achieved when our students are equipped with self-learning abilities and self-developing skills, and become elites in the field of pharmacology.